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       It is here on this page that you could possibly find your Dream Home that will fit the needs and wants for your Family, along with some information to make this journey for you simplified.

You are just ONE CLICK or ONE PHONE CALL away from the beginning of this exciting experience.   You may contact Me by E-mail, or simply by clicking the links at the bottom of the screen for the NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION, CMA Request link or the old fashion way of simply picking up the phone and giving me a call, whichever you prefer.   If you choose to search and see what is available currently on the market there is some search parameters to the Bottom of this box for you to use. It searches thru the extensive database of current homes listed with agents in the Atlanta Market Area and Surrounding areas as well, It does include homes that are listed by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and HUD homes that recently foreclosed.  

Homes may be snatched up by another Buyer looking for the same thing as you, An Awesome House at A Great Deal!.. The quicker you contact me I can get the Buyer's packet out to you, that I have put together to help you better prepare for the process of obtaining Home Ownership.  I have designed this to make this as easy and painfree as possible.  

My Packet is FREE and was designed to assist you, the Buyer,  in searching for your loan as well as your home, and keeping track of the whole process so that we stay on target for a hassle free closing.  It will give you all of the information you need so that we can get started searching for your perfect home.  As you are probably aware this is a Seller's Market.  So one of the most important things as a buyer that you can do before you actually go out looking at home's is start the loan process, because when you find that Dream Home.. you want to be prepared to make your offer right then because it may not be available tomorrow, and most Agents are encouraging Sellers to require pre approval letters with all offers...   Call me today for your packet and lets schedule a time to meet and chat about your needs and wants.